What makes us different?

Owned and operated by pediatric dentists

Our team is made up of pediatric specialists just like you, living and experiencing the challenges of the field every day. With firsthand knowledge of your needs, we're dedicated to providing the support and resources that empower your practice.

Enjoy exclusive vendor partnerships

At Alcan Dental Cooperative, we've secured exclusive partnerships with top vendors, negotiating special pricing that we pass on to you. These savings are all yours, so you can invest in providing exceptional care to your patients without compromising on the essentials.

You maintain control and ownership of your practice

Join like-minded pediatric dentists while keeping majority ownership and control of your practice. With the help and expertise of others in the same situation, we enable you to run your practice smoothly, profitably, and efficiently.

Our solutions are simple and efficient

No costly due diligence, no bankers or practice brokers turning your practice inside out. Our whole-office solutions allow you to run your practice well from day one while decreasing risk.

No private equity. No outside investors.

Unlike other practice management companies, we are in no way affiliated with private equity or outside investors. This allows us to remain autonomous and completely free from outside influence. What does this mean for you? It means every decision we make, every solution we offer, is rooted in your unique needs and aspirations. Your practice isn't just another business venture to us; it's a partnership, an endeavor we respect and nurture. With Alcan, you can embrace the freedom to shape your practice without external pressures.

We don’t just partner with anyone

With Alcan Dental Cooperative, you’re part of an impressive team of specialized, dedicated pediatric dentists. No one else. Our specialty is different from any other in the industry and we feel it’s vitally important to limit inclusion to focus on the skills and success of our partners. We’re extremely selective. And that strategic approach makes for a winning combination to tackle the unique challenges that only a pediatric practitioner understands – providing an unsurpassed opportunity to make a significant impact to maximize patient care and minimize the time and effort it takes to actually run the business.

Partner with a specialized team dedicated solely to pediatric dentistry

Tackle unique pediatric challenges with our deep industry knowledge

Maximize patient care while minimizing the time and effort in business operations