Single or Multi-Location Owners


4 months or less

New Grads & Aspiring Owners


8-12 months

I’m A…

Where You’re At

  • Huge student debt

  • Facing a saturated market

  • Lacking private practice experience

  • No experience with financing & marketing

  • Struggling to establish systems and processes

Where You Want to Be

  • Focused on being a great dentist

  • Creating your dream practice

  • Building patient relationships

How We Get You There

  • Implement our industry-leading workflows and protocols to enhance clinical operations

  • Build your brand and develop your reputation in your community

  • Collaborate with you on data-driven decisions to grow your practice

Where You’re At

  • Struggling with inflation

  • Hassling with insurance

  • Payroll is hard

  • Can't stand hiring and firing

  • Need help with revenue cycle management

  • Looking for banking support

Where You Want to Be

  • Focused on being a dentist

  • Giving patients the best experience possible

  • Building patient relationships

  • Enjoying a work-life balance

  • Maintaining clinical control

  • Seeing your practice thrive

How We Get You There

  • Immediately make changes where it counts, while ensuring you have clinical control

  • Take over the tedious administrative tasks that you don’t have time for

  • Offer ongoing support to keep your practice growing

Where You’re At

  • Struggling to standardize protocols across multiple locations

  • Managing financials, appointment scheduling, and talent aquisition across various practices is tough

  • Quality of care across all locations varies and needs consistency

Where You Want to Be

  • Seamless coordination and communication between different locations

  • High-quality care and patient experience across all practices

  • Efficient patient flow and appointment management system

  • Robust data sharing and performance tracking for all branches

How We Get You There

  • Implement standardization across all practices

  • Take over coordination and communication among locations

  • Provide strategic planning and support for consistent growth across all locations

  • Streamline patient flow and data management efficiently

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What our partners are saying

"Having the opportunity to work with them is definitely a blessing for me and it’s great to be a part of their team overall"

Mark Storey
President, Practice Real
Estate Group

“Partnering with Alcan has been a tremendous experience.  Tim and Dr Alex go above and beyond”

Derek Sledge, SVP

Commercial Banking
Encore Bank

“Owning my own dental practice was always my ultimate goal. However, it's pretty intimidating and I didn't know where to start. Now that I've been working with them (Alcan Dental) very closely, I couldn't imagine doing this alone.”

Dr Kasey Stark, DDS

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